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Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 125 - Friday

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 5, and 6: 

Essential Questions:
-Does state or federal government have a greater impact in our lives?
-Does the United States have a mission to expand democracy and freedom?
-What might 19th century Native Americans have said about Manifest Destiny? 
-How might the country have developed differently if no gold or other precious minerals had been discovered in the West?
-Does war cause national prosperity?
-Is economic, social, or physical coercion an effective method of achieving our national interest in domestic affairs

Themes: State Rights vs. Federal Government, Reform Movements of the 19th Century, Prison Reform, Education Reform, Women's Rights, and Abolitionism

1. What questions do you have on Abolitionism??

2.  QUIZ TODAY on the different Reform Movements of the mid-19th century using The Land of Reform (Chapter 8 in your textbook - pages 240-258), the Antebellum [before the American Civil War] Reformers, and Educational Portal - Reform Movements.

3. Binder Checks will happen as you take the quiz

4. Was Nat Turner a Hero or Madman? Please read, highlight, and take notes in the margins on the document link below of the 3 sources:
Please download the following:

1. Please read, highlight, annotate and ask any questions you may have in the margins on the document link below of the 3 sources:
Documents to for the debate (Was Nat Turner a Hero or Madman?) + Nat Turner Timeline + Nat Turner Questions

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 4:

Essential Questions:
- Who is responsible for starting the Cold War?
-Why didn't the Cold War ever turn "hot"?
-How did the Cold War challenge American values, at home and abroad?
-Is the Cold War still going on? How?
-Should Americans and the U.S. government have feared an internal Communist subversion in the 1950's?

Themes: Containment, Domino Theory, The Domestic Cold War, House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), Joseph McCarthy, Blacklist, Alger Hiss, The Rosenbergs

1. Please answer the 4 questions for every Visual DBQ's on the Red Scare - The partner groups will present quickly.

2. Any concerns submitting your Joseph MacArthur DBQ (I have posted to Google Classroom!!!!) and be able to articulate clear awareness and perspective on Joseph MacArthur's actions during the early Cold War Era on the American home front. Your silent conversation will still happen tomorrow so please review the Silent Conversation/Debate Question at the top of the DBQ

3. Cold War Slideshow #1 1945-1960 - We will explore the concepts and events surround the The Cold War at Home in America from 1947-1951.

4. Slideshows/Visuals on the Cold War
1. None, enjoy your weekend!
Modern America Class - Period 7
Essential Questions:
1. How much do popular trends reflect and/or shape American values and traditions?
2. Does our entertainment reflect society, or does our entertainment shape our society?
3. What is Pop Culture?
4. How do we know if something is Popular Culture?

Themes: Pop Culture, Top Charts, American Exceptionalism, 1980's Decade, 1980's TV, 1980's Major Events in Politics, Culture, Sports, Science.

1. We will finish watching The Breakfast Club (Left off at the 1:13 mark) and you guys will finish filling out the Movie Response Forms while watching. 

2. The Rise of Hip Hop Music
-We will listen to four early songs and discuss the tone, feel, and what the songs are about:
A. Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight"
B. Grandmaster J and the Furious Five "Another one bits the dust" - freestyle remix
C. Run DMC "It's Tricky"
D. LL Cool J "I can't live without my radio"

3. More Rap and Hip-hop music
-DJ EZ Rock “It takes Two.” 
-Public Enemy “My uzi weighs a ton.” 
-Public Enemy “Don’t believe the Hype” 
-NWA “Straight out of Compton”
-Ice T “Six in the Morning”
-KRS “Stop the violence”

4. Female performers
-Queen Latifah - “All Hail the Queen”
-Salt and Pepper’s  - “Push it”

5. What are these rappers doing today? Go research

6. Use NPR’s “Fresh Air” to take a better look at the earliest founders of Hip-Hop Music such as DJ kool Here, Grandmaster Flash, Russell Simmons, Melle Mel, LL Cool J, De La Soul, Ice-T

7. Hip Hop Culture and Resources:
-1980's Timeline of Hip Hop Music
-The true birth of Hip Hop in the 1960's and 1970's - LA Weekly
-Where Hip Hop was Born - Podcast and Article
-The social significance of Rap and Hip Hop Music - Stanford University

8. 1980's Links to get you started:
-What happened in the 1980's - - Toys, Sports, Furniture, Events, Fashion, Appliances, and Music are all categories you can investigate.
-History Channel - The 1980's - Cars, The Politics, Cold War and Pop Culture
-The 1980's Playlist - Popular Music from the 1980's
-Ronald Reagan and Reaganism

1. Please make sure you do not forget about managing your"Podcast Interview Project on the 1980's.  I will be looking over all Questions this weekend and will have acceptance or needs improvement by Monday. 

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