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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day 127 - Wednesday

U.S. History I - Periods 2, 5, and 6: 
Essential Question:
-Does state or federal government have a greater impact in our lives?
-How has American's justified Manifest Destiny?
-Why did Americans feel so compelled to expand the country westward?
-How might the country have developed differently if no gold or other precious minerals had been discovered in the West?
-Does war cause national prosperity?
-Is economic, social, or physical coercion an effective method of achieving our national interest in domestic affairs

Themes:  Westward Expansion, Continentialism, Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism, Native America attrition

1. We will look at quick look a who's in and who's out and what primaries have played an important role over the last three weeks. Let's evaluate the results and the upcoming primaries.

3. John O'Sullivan's The Great Nation of Futurity, 1839 - please annotate and then answer the questions from my printed handout. Questions:

4. Texas Independence Slideshow - Please download

5. Annexation of Texas - Questions and Outcomes? Slideshow on Texas Annexation will be reviewed in class.

2. Debate Questions on the Mexican-American War: Was the Mexican War an exercise of imperialism by America? MONDAY WILL BE DEBATE DAY!
  • Each Team of Pro-America versus Pro-Mexico will be asked to asked to come up with one argumentative question/Debate Question that will be included on a Google document shared to both teams and Mr. Parkin.  This question needs to be decided BEFORE Thursday's class is over. 
  • Additionally, BOTH teams will be able to utilize 2 more primary sources each plus the 2 I have given you below that will provide research and eye witness accounts of the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. Which means will can have up to 6 total primary sources used for this debate (My two, Team 1's two, Team 2's two = 6) 
3. Students will use Primary Source Documents to help provide arguments and evidence for a class debate:
A. speech delivered by James K. Polk asking the United States Congress for a Declaration of War against the country of Mexico
B. Speech delivered by Congressman Joshua Giddings during a debate int the House of Representatives just prior to the vote on President James K. Polk's request that the United States Congress declare war against the country of Mexico. 
6. More videos and resources on Westward Expansion:

The Diary of 14 year old Sally Hester

7. Race to the West DBQ - Americans immigrating to Mexican lands.

8. The Mormon Pioneers Trek, 1846 - National Parks and Services

9.  The West Resources:
Primary Sources from PBS - Using the timeline, explore the Primary sources on Texas Independence, The Whitman's exploration of the Oregon Trail, War with Mexico, Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, The "Diggings" in California, Massacres of the West, and more.

The Gold Rush and the Donner Party - Powerful and impactful story about cannibalism in the West.

The Gold Rush - Great facts, maps, and timelines - Covers The Westward Expansion and has 9 videos on various topics as well.

Trails to Utah and the Pacific - How did people migrate out West + Primary Source/Interactive Maps

1. Prepare for the Mexican-American Debate by doing the following tonight and tomorrow in class
A. Prepare to contribute to your google document....
-Fill in your name on the mini-team you will represent under Team Mexico or Team America

2. Begin researching the documents I have shared with you on James K. Polk's speech to Congress and Congressmen's Joshua Giddings debate to the House of Representatives. You design a graphic organizer to help manage the pros and cons of this speech and debate.

3. Begin researching the PBS Special on the Mexican-American War and use the table of contents on the left hand toolbar to help navigate through the website.  I would strongly suggest that you use the perspective of your team (Team Mexico or Team America) to start formulating arguments that would support your reason to support the war or the opposition to the Mexican-American War.  The key to this debate is to find the arguments that support your team and then use them to logically beat the other team.  So focus on your team's strength and then try to attack the other side's weaknesses.

4. You have tonight and Thursday (in class and for homework) to research, organize, and plan your team's arguments and utilize the primary sources that will be used to help build evidence to support this debate. Each team (Mexico or America) will be divided up into 3 smaller teams (Mexico Team A, Mexico Team B, Mexico Team C versus America Team A, America, America Team B, America Team C) and will have 5 minutes to present your arguments.  The team with the stronger arguments, debate presence, and support will win.  Your rubric will be posted in the Google Folder for your class period.  I have shared them all with you via Google Drive.

5. Using Chapter 8 - Section 4 - pages 293-299 - create the BEST OUTLINE you have ever done in my class. Impress me, use traditional paper, digital outlining, 2-column notes, Top-down webs, or whatever method works BEST FOR YOU!  The end game is that you have created a comprehensive (well-organized) and thoughtful reflection on the Mexican-American War and can tell a very clear story about the CAUSES, THE WAR, and the RESULTS/IMPACTS on America.  You may use outside sources as well, just make sure you cite them as references if you take this path. FINAL PRODUCT should be due on Thursday! Be ready to share these MASTER OUTLINES with your classmates and you will need them for a debate on Friday. 

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 1:

Essential Questions:
-Who is responsible for starting the Cold War?
-Why didn't the Cold War ever turn "hot"?
-How did the Cold War challenge American values, at home and abroad?
-Is the Cold War still going on? How?

Themes: Failed Conferences, The Iron Curtain, Satellite Nations, Containment, Competing Plans, Struggle over Germany

1. Please be sure to take a quick peek at Chapter 26 - Section 1 - Origins of the Cold War - pages 808-814 and complete the entire short packet on World War II to Cold War: Transitioning to another kind of war. Otherwise you will have the entire period to plan, organize and execute practicing your skit.

2. The creation and role of the United Nations and why Americans ARE INVOLVED?
*The UN turns 71 this year!

1. You SHOULD BE an EXPERT on your selected topic for your group skit and have an active role you are playing.  Please be sure to bring in props and dress the part!

2. Based on The Truman Doctrine - 1947, The Marshall Plan - 1947, The Berlin Airlift - 1948-1949, The Domino Theory - 1954 - 1989; classmates will be divided into four groups you will play an impromptu skit to display their knowledge and the role of the United States on these 2 plans and 2 events/scenarios.
-Here are the rules:
A. Everyone MUST play a role and participate
B. Facts, Evidence, Primary Sources AND VISUALS must ALL be used to support your skit.
C. You must have a plot that creates suspense
D. Don't leave your audience confused - Clarity is a very important.
E. You should have a hero and a central dilemma
F. Your skit must be 2-3 minutes in length and must be LIVE in front of the audience.
G. Due tomorrow - The Script - BUT the Execution of the Live Skit will be Thursday.

International Studies - Period 7
Essential Questions:
1. Is globalization a path to a brighter future?
2. Has globalization made human beings more isolated or integrated in the global society?

Themes:  Globalization, sustainability, Race to the Top, Race to the Bottom, global equability, interconnected communities, global marketplace

1. We are in the Library today for Day 1 of your class research time. Please don't forget to complete your research/investigation, organization, sources, and understanding of your topic at home.

2. Globalization resources:
Globalization 101
Issues in Globalization
Global Policy Organization - Many issues and specific areas of globalization of culture, politics, economy, law, and table/charts on Globalization.
World Health Organization and Globalization

1. Please RESEARCH, ORGANIZE, and document your source materials as you research for your DIGITAL STORY-TELLING PROJECT! Be sure to use the Google folder titled "Globalization Project 2016" to access the Globalization Rubric and "To Do List" of the things you need to have completed in each of your folders. 

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