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Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 9 - Funday Friday!!!

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:

-How do we think like an Historian?
-Has the West been romanticized?
-Does racial equality depend on government action?
-Can the "white man's conquest" of Native Americans be justified?

1. Romanticizing the West Activity Continued:
Yesterday the class will break up into different groups of students in a jigsaw group and they will investigate specific website that I have selected to build an understanding of Romanticizing the West. Everyone in the group must pick ONE primary source from the link below once you have been put into groups.  Then every individual in the group will be responsible for filling out the Images of the West analysis and then compare and contrast all of the images the entire group has collected within the group.

2. The group will then pick one of the primary sources that you all feel has the best potential to illustrate a clear perspective of what the West was supposed to look like for the entire class and the GROUP WILL be responsible for presenting that primary source image on the big screen using the projector.

Group A -
Group B -

Group C -
Group D -

1. None, enjoy your weekend!

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-How do you think like an Historian?
-How was the first permanent English settlement in North America established in 1607? 
-What influence did geography play in the settlement?

Themes: Individualism, Diversity, PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. All periods: We will continue our study and examination of the Jamestown and New England Settlements.

    Period 4: We left off on How and Why did they survive and the impacts on Native Americans/Settlers/English.

    Period 5: We left off on the How and Why did the Puritan New England colonist survive and the impacts on Native Americans/Settlers/English.

    Period 6: We left off on the Leadership at Jamestown.

A. English settlement in Virginia - page 42-48 (Who, How, Why??? and Impact?) 

B. Puritans settled in New England - Pages 49-54
+New England Colonization

C. America and it’s Colonies - What questions gave you problems? Let's discuss the content in this article and the primary source cartoons.

-What questions do you have about the U.S.A. before the American Revolution? What did our textbook leave out?

1. Honor's Level and College Prep - None, enjoy your weekend!
International Studies - Period 4 
Essential Questions:
1. What does international studies mean?

2. How will you succeed in my class?

Themes: PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. We will review the Peace Day Resources and you MUST try to finalize a plan for how you will help the school recognize peace day.  Maybe think about multiple activities in a count-down like effect or a week-long string of events.

2. Peace Day resources: What will you plan at BHS over the next 6 days to make our school recognize "Peace Day"...
Peace One Day
International Day of Peace
Peace Events on Peace Day
The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) Organization
The United Nation's Peace Day
Fellowship of Reconciliation (blog on Peace Day)
Peace Day Facebook - Has some good images, ideas, and foundations/resources.
Peace Day Ideas - On a facebook page, but it might help you promote it at BHS
The Nobel Peace Prize

1. Your plan should be to finalize your plan on how you will make Burlington High School aware of Peace Day.  You have exactly only a few days to make this happen and I will give you time in class to coordinate.  Contribute and implement a plan in our brain-storming session!!!

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