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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 11 - Tuesday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:

-How do we think like an Historian?
-Has the West been romanticized?
-Does racial equality depend on government action?
-Can the "white man's conquest" of Native Americans be justified?

1. Using Maps to identify the West:
Early Indian West
Santa Fe Trail - Transportation to the West
The Trans-Mississippi West
American-Indian Territorial Losses

Battle of Little Big Horn
Map #2 - Battle of Little Big Horn
Timeline leading up to the Battle of Little Big Horn
Primary Source Documents on the Sioux Treaty of 1868

2. The Battle of Little Bighorn - Who is responsible for the Battle of the Little Bighorn? We will be using this DBQ excercise to complete ideas about sourcing, contextualization, and corroboration (cross-checking).


2. write a 3-paragraph essay (you  may type it out as well, but it MUST BE PRINTED OUT FOR THURSDAY'S CLASS...if I cannot read your writing then I will NOT grade it and you will get a ZERO) answer the following question for a TEST grade and it is the main point of this essay: Who is responsible for the Battle of the Little Big Horn?  Make sure you have a thesis statement and provide evidence using the documents I have provided you with from the textbook account, the modified Cameron Report, and Kate Bighead modified interview.  You must cite your sources with in-text citations from these sources. DUE DATE IS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH.

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-How do you think like an Historian?
-How was the first permanent English settlement in North America established in 1607? 
-What influence did geography play in the settlement?

Themes: Mercantilism, Colony-building, economic relationships

1. Our focus today will be on Mercantilism and what type of economic relationship this meant between the colonist and England.

2. The Northern, Middle, Southern colonies and Great Awakening will be discussed based off last nights videos and primary source illustration. According to the video last night: What was appealing about the religious messages being that were spreading?  Why was George Whitefield so popular?

3. America and it’s Colonies - What questions gave you problems? Let's discuss the content in this article and the primary source cartoons.

File:Triangle trade2.png
Mercantilism helped create trade patterns such as the triangular trade in the North Atlantic, in which raw materials were imported to the metropolis and then processed and redistributed to other colonies.


1. Honor's Level and College Prep - Please read and review pages 72 - 78 on the Agricultural South and then pages 79-84 The Commercial North.  Create a Venn Diagram that illustrates how the Agricultural South and the Commercial North are different and alike. A sample Venn Diagram.

International Studies - Period 4 
Essential Questions:
1. Is peace sustainable?

2. Can the world create a movement that is everlasting?
3. Can you make a difference at BHS?

Themes: Peace Day, Global Awareness, Leadership

1. The schedule:
Tuesday - Long Period - Continue to execute your plan for Wednesday-Friday in sub-groups and create realistic opportunities for Peace Day Activities at BHS.

Wednesday - Get the message out there for the "Peace Pledge" and "White-Out Thursday".  Hit the posters, twitter, facebook, and send out the message Jeremy Gilley has or short video clips with your friends and teachers.

Thursday - Execute the "White Out" Peace Day at Burlington High School and document it's impact on the school and students observing it.

Friday - The bake sale with proceeds going to Peace One Day organization should be executed.  We will need a CHANGE BOX, please check in with Mrs. Allegretto in the Main Office.

2. April 2013 - Last Year's International Studies Class chatted with Jeremy Gilley about Peace Day

3. Last Year's Peace Day Video -

4. Peace Day resources: What will you execute at BHS over the next 4 days to make our school recognize "Peace Day"...
Peace One Day
International Day of Peace
Peace Events on Peace Day
The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) Organization
The United Nation's Peace Day
Fellowship of Reconciliation (blog on Peace Day)
Peace Day Facebook - Has some good images, ideas, and foundations/resources.
Peace Day Ideas - On a facebook page, but it might help you promote it at BHS
The Nobel Peace Prize

1. Your plan should be in full swing and you need to review the Ambassador Rubric to ensure you understand how you will be graded.  Your goal is to effectively contribute to how you will make Burlington High School aware of Peace Day.  You decided to contribute morning announcements to be aware of Peace Day itself and then finalize your execution of the Peace Day Table.  How is the social media aspect going? Remember this will be a project grade based on your contributions to organizing Peace Day activities at Burlington High School.  You should see yourselves as Peace Day Ambassadors that advocate "Who will you make Peace with on Peace Day?  Contribute and implement a plan in our brain-storming session!!!

2. Monday all proof of what you did will be presented to the entire class and Mr. Parkin.  You can put this in a presentation app or program to share pictures, videos, or any other evidence of your contributions. This will count for 45% of your grade.  (Presentation 45%, Reflection essay 45%, Mr. Parkin's observations 10% = Grand total equals 100% for a Project Grade).

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