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Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 168 - TGIFriiiiiiddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 5, and 6: 

Essential Questions:
-Was it possible to have reconciliation after the American Civil War?
-Should the Confederate States have been treated as a defeated nation or rebellious states?
-Did Reconstruction governments rule the American South well?
-When should a president be impeached and removed from office?
-Can political freedom exist without an economic foundation?
-To what extend did Jim Crow Laws create and govern a racially segregated society in the South?

Themes: State Rights vs. Federal Government, Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, Reconstruction, Civil War Amendments

1. Please access and review while we discuss the Reconstruction Notes, Primary Sources, outline and biggest themes students should be concerned with early on & Reconstruction Packet to illustrate a basic understanding of Laws, Andrew Johnson, and the South . 

-Radical Republican Plan
-The Reconstruction Act of 1867 - Military Map
-Civil Rights Amendments
-Timeline of Johnson's Impeachment
-1868 Election
-African-Americans during Reconstruction
-The origins of the KKK: See video below!

2. Please listen to Bruce Levine's National Public Radio Interview about how did African-Americans Experience the American Civil War.  Please use this radio podcast and your knowledge of African Americans in the Civil War and during Reconstruction to answer an response to the question on "Did African-Americans win racial equality thanks to the Union government during the American Civil War and Reconstruction?

3. Please download the Reconstruction Presidents and Video Questions and we will watch The Presidents

1. Study and organize all your resources on Reconstruction and be ready to take a QUIZ on Monday!
-Chapter 12 - Reconstruction in your Textbook
-All resources on my blog 

2. Please watch the KKK video above and finish page 7 of the Reconstruction Packet to illustrate a basic understanding of Laws, Andrew Johnson, and the South.
U.S. HISTORY II - Period 4:

Essential Questions:
-To what extent were the 1950's a time of great peace, progress, and prosperity for Americans?
-To what extent did the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's expand democracy for all Americans?
-Is civil disobedience the most effective means of achieving racial equality?
-To what extent can legislation result in positive change in racial attitudes and more?
-Is violence or non-violence the most effective means of achieving racial equality?
-Did the 1960's Civil Right Movement effectively change the nation?

Themes: American Culture, Consumerism, Suburbia, Baby Boomers, Civil Right Activism, Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement, Challenging Segregation, MLK Jr., Civil Disobedience, Black Power/Black Panthers 

1. Highway Act of 1956 and the Rise of Highways

2. A conclusion and overview of the 1950's - Review and let's quickly discuss the essential question "To what extent were the 1950's a time of great peace, progress, and prosperity for Americans?

Separate, But Not Equal - Photographs - We will use to teach the background of The Civil Rights Movement

4. More Background knowledge Pre-Civil Rights Era:
-The African-American Odyssey: From Slavery to Civil Rights Movement - An incredible study of African-American History in American. We will focus on the Post-WWII era!

5. Civil Rights Era: 1948 to 1968
Separate, But Not Equal - Photographs - The Smithsonian - Highly recommend!
Jackie Robinson and Documents - Social Unrest Persists in America

6. Videos we may watch:

1. Please read and check out Chapter 29 - Section 2 "The Triumphs of a Crusade" - pages 916-922 and complete a WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and IMPACT on each of these themes below  This outline should illustrate the impact of these themes below during the 1950's- 1960's:
I. Freedom Riders/Riding for Freedom
II. Standing Firm
III. Marching to Washington, DC
IV. Fighting for Voting Rights

2. NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED BY MIDNIGHT FRIDAY!!! (It was assigned Thursday on the blog! Please read and check out Chapter 29 - "Taking on Segregation"  - The start of the Civil Rights Movement - pages 906 - 913.   Please outline the following concepts with 4-5 bullet points that tell a story and the impact of these themes during the 1950's:
I. The Segregation System 
II. Brown vs. Board of Education
III. Little Rock
IV. Montgomery Bus Boycott and the South
V. MLK Jr. and the SCLC
Modern America Class - Period 7
Essential Questions:
1. How much do popular trends reflect and/or shape American values and traditions?
2. Does our entertainment reflect society, or does our entertainment shape our society?
3. What is Pop Culture?
4. How do we know if something is Popular Culture?

Themes: Pop Culture, Top Charts, American Exceptionalism, 1990's Decade, 1990's TV, 1990's Major Events in Politics, Culture, Sports, Science.

1. Thank you seniors for a wonderful semester of Modern America!

1. Congratulations Seniors and YOU DID A GREAT JOB!

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