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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 7 - Hump Day

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 5, and 6: 
Essential Questions:

-What is historical thinking?
-How did early American settlements influence democracy during colonial life?

 Themes: Individualism, Diversity, PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. Just one class left to complete Lunchroom Fight Activity I

2. Early North American Cultures (pg. 6), Native American Indians Culture/Territory (pg. 11), Sailing Technology (pgs. 24-27), Global Trade (pgs. 29, 36, 38, 39).

3. Jamestown Slideshow should be downloaded, viewed, and take notes on it.

4. The First Thanksgiving at Jamestown - What did we learn from Jamestown?

5. North America Map - circa 1713

1. Find ONE example of an outstanding thesis statement using the World Wide Web. Then compare it to the thesis statement you used for your essay on Jamestown. Reflect upon your thesis statement as you compare it to example you found. What looks good about your thesis statement? What needs improvement? If you wrote it over again, what would you do differently.  The purpose of this activity is that if you cannot think and execute an argument in my class or in life then you will struggle to be taken seriously as a free-thinking individual.

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 4:
Essential Questions:

-What is historical thinking?

U.S. Curriculum Essential Questions:
-Was American expansion overseas justified?
-Did the press cause the Spanish-American War?
-Was the acquisition of the Panama Canal Zone and act of justifiable imperialism?
-Does the need for self-defense give the US the right to interfere in the affairs of Latin America? (Think about the Roosevelt Corollary, "Dollar Diplomacy," and "Watchful Waiting")

Themes: Individualism, Diversity, PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. We will quickly finish the recap activity - What do you remember from what your History Teacher taught you last year from 1850-1900? Please be honest, candid, and think really hard about this. You can generate a think bubble, a list, a comic strip, a political cartoon, but I want you to create something that symbolizes what you remember. Let's see what you all came up with!!

2. Please watch this video on American Imperialism as it will help you understand the following concepts:
   A. What is Imperialism?
   B. Why American imperialism in the late 19th Century?
   C. Who was this Alfred Thayer Mahan and what is his significance in the rise of the American imperialism?

3. Spanish-American War Resources:
Causes of the War
Library of Congress - General information on the Spanish-American War
Spanish-American War Slideshow
PBS Special on All Events surrounding America's Quest for Imperialism
A Price for Freedom in the Spanish-American War
Images of the Spanish-American War and Primary Sources
Headlines from the Spanish-American War
Cartoons from the Spanish-American War
Political Cartoon from the Spanish-American War

4. Teddy Roosevelt Resources:
Theodore Roosevelt - A PBS special on TR's Foreign Policy Adventures
Teddy Roosevelt Association - Lots of pictures and stories of keeping his legacy alive.
Progressive President's Foreign Policy - U.S. State Department
Teddy Roosevelt's Broad Powers - A pretty darn good essay - Theodore Roosevelt Number 26
Theodore Roosevelt: Progressive Crusader - The Heritage Foundation of American Leadership
President Theodore Roosevelt Video - Similar to the ones we watch in class!! A must see!

5. William Howard Taft - The White House website
    William Taft - VERY NICE biography and legacy page from the University of Virginia
    Presidential Video on William Howard Taft - Just like the ones we watch in class!! A must see!

6. President Woodrow Wilson Video - Youtube clip from a teacher on Taft AND Wilson.
    Woodrow Wilson - The White House org
    Woodrow Wilson Biography - from the University of Virginia

1. Read Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" - One our Google Classroom page please answer the following question: What message was Rudyard Kipling sending imperialist?_____________________________________________________
International Studies - Period 2
Essential Questions:
1. What does international studies mean?

2. How do people create permanent change in a global world?

Themes: World Peace, War vs. Peace, Sustainable Change, Non-Government Organizations

1. Thoughts on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's vidoe and your Essay on "How is your perception influenced by the world around you?

2. What is the United Nations? What is it's purpose? What is Peace Day? We will begin watching Jeremy Gilley's journey, but please complete this Day After Peace Test while you watch the video.

1. Please watch President Obama speak tonight at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time - Give a recap of what he highlights and a summary of your thoughts on his speech - On Google Classroom

2. Tomorrow Night's HW will be to finish the Jeremy Gilley take-home test.

3. Here are great International Studies links we will begin to explore and utilize for the class.
    * Please make sure you copy and paste into your electronic notebook or bookmark on your IPAD/google docs/Evernote so that you can preserve these for later research and projects.

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