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Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 19 - Funky Friday!

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 5, and 6: 

Essential Questions:
-How did the French and Indian War help inspired a sense of unity and shared identity among the colonist?
-Did Great Britain lose more than it gained from its victory in the French-Indian War?
-Were the colonist justified in resisting British policies after the French-Indian War?

 Themes: Self-government, Individualism, Equality/Liberty vs. Hierarchy/Order, Opportunity vs. Control

1. All students will get an additionally 5-8 minutes to complete their Political Cartoon analysis from yesterday's test.

2. Any quick questions on the major differences between Agricultural South and The Commercial North during the colonial period of American History.

3. Read pages 85 - 89 on The French and Indian War and complete the Outline on the French-Indian War.

French and Indian War Resources:
French and Indian War Slideshow
Summary of the War
US Government Perspective
George Washington and the F&I War
Great Article from The Smithsonian on Ben Franklin and his role in war
Smallpox as a biological weapon in the French-Indian War
Primary Sources from the war
West Virginia's Primary Source Collection from the war
PBS "The War that Made America"

1. Due Tuesday - Pick one PRIMARY SOURCE under the French-Indian War Resources section of my blog (see above) and complete a SOAPS Primary Source Examination Worksheet and then answer one of the ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS (above - under US History I). This will count as your French-Indian War Quiz Grade!
U.S. HISTORY II - Period 4:

U.S. Curriculum Essential Questions:
-Was American expansion overseas justified?
-Did the press cause the Spanish-American War?
-Was the acquisition of the Panama Canal Zone an act of justifiable imperialism?
-Does the need for self-defense give the US the right to interfere in the affairs of Latin America? (Think about the Roosevelt Corollary, "Dollar Diplomacy," and "Watchful Waiting")

Themes: Individualism, Diversity, PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. America emerges into the Modern World at the Turn of the Century AND WAS POWER, BUT also vulnerable - How? Why?

- We will briefly explore the following topics:
Progressive Era (slideshow)
Student Outlines - President Roosevelt , President Taft , and President Woodrow Wilson.
-Video Questions from The History ChannelThe Presidents: The Lives and Legacies of the 43 Leaders of the US

2. Teddy Roosevelt Resources:
Theodore Roosevelt - A PBS special on TR's Foreign Policy Adventures
Teddy Roosevelt Association - Lots of pictures and stories of keeping his legacy alive.
Progressive President's Foreign Policy - U.S. State Department
Teddy Roosevelt's Broad Powers - A pretty darn good essay - Theodore Roosevelt Number 26
Theodore Roosevelt: Progressive Crusader - The Heritage Foundation of American Leadership
President Theodore Roosevelt Video - Similar to the ones we watch in class!! A must see!

3. William Howard Taft - The White House website
    William Taft - VERY NICE biography and legacy page from the University of Virginia
    Presidential Video on William Howard Taft - Just like the ones we watch in class!! A must see!

4. President Woodrow Wilson Video - Youtube clip from a teacher on Taft AND Wilson.
    Woodrow Wilson - The White House org
    Woodrow Wilson Biography - from the University of Virginia

1. Please download the slideshow, outlines, and video questions under #1 above for the topics we will explore over the next few days. Please review, take notes, or ask questions on the slideshow, outlines, or video questions as we will complete all of these items over the next couple of days.
International Studies - Period 2
Essential Questions:
1. What does international studies mean?

2. How do people create permanent change in a global world?

Themes: World Peace, War vs. Peace, Sustainable Change, Non-Government Organizations

1. We will finish our review of the UN Website and a UN slideshow (slides 23-38)

2. Human Rights - What are Human Rights?

3.  Last night I asked you to go to the UN Website and do some digging to find out what the most pressing issues are for the Opening of the General Assembly Meetings this week?  Let's discuss what you found out about individual speakers and summarizing some of the major world issues the UN will be challenged to assist in the upcoming months.

4. United Nation Resources:
United Nations History
United Nations Multimedia Room
United Nations School bus Virtual Field Trip
United Nations Research Guide A-Z on EVERYTHING you can imagine!
United Nations Peacekeeping Missions
University of California organized a UN resources guide - Honestly, the BEST and more ORGANIZED I have seen yet on how to research issues concerning the United Nations.

1. None, enjoy the weekend! Test and Mini-Project are next week though!!!

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