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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 87 - Tuesday

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 2 & 7: 
Essential Questions:
-To what extend did Thomas Jefferson live up to his ideals and beliefs?
-Was the War of 1812 a "second American Revolution"?

Themes: Thomas Jefferson's legacy, James Madison's Presidency, Legacy of the War of 1812

1. Historical Thinking Skills - What are they and how will we incorporate them more regularly in our class?

2.  What does the second half of the year have in store for us?

3. Who was James Madison?  The James Madison Packet will help us understand and the Presidential Video from the History Channel.

4.  I will ask you to download the Video Questions - Use Electronic or print out tomorrow as a Paper copy!  Let's review a couple basics about the War of 1812 and what you learned from using The History Channel's The War of 1812: First Invasion?

5. War of 1812 Resources:
War of 1812 - PBS - American Perspective
British Perspective
Classroom version of War of 1812
War of 1812 Primary Sources - National Archives


1. YES, check Google Classroom. 

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 3:
Essential Questions:
-Did the United States foreign policy during the 1930's help promote World War II? 
-Could the United States have prevented the outbreak of World War II?
-Should the United States sell arms to other nations?
-Should the United States have aided the Allies against the Axis Powers?
-Does the American security depend upon the survival of its Allies?
-Was war between the United States and Japan inevitable in World War II?

Themes: Evaluation of the New Deal, Causes of WWII, Major Participants of WWII

1. What does the second half of the year have in store for us?

2. Research using the BHS Library Databases and utilize the textbook Chapter 24 - page 732-741 to answer the 2 questions below:
a. What were the major causes of World War II?  
b. How did America respond in the early 1930's-mid-1930's? Meaning, what was our foreign policy plan in the 1930's to what Germans and the Japanese were during in Europe and Asia?

3. As a class we will discuss and comprehend the MAJOR CAUSES of World War II

4. Thursday we will successfully complete a Gallery Walk of your ONE political cartoon that depicts the causes of World War II or the spirit of American's foreign policy in the 1930's and everyone will walk the gallery and analyze the different pieces of cartoons.  Be ready to share it with your classmates and me tonight and tomorrow you must have a printed up hard copy! Everyone must have a HARD COPY of their political cartoon!
Things to look for:
Caption messages/ A Hook?
Why was the document created?
Questions raised?
Whose perspective is NOT shown?

5. WWII artwork from the Spanish Civil War

1. YES, please check Google Classroom.

International Studies - Period 4
Essential Questions:
1. What does international studies mean and how do we define Internationalism?
2. How do we form and shape our identities?
3. Is mankind inherently good or evil? How do different cultures shape the definitions of good and evil?
4. Have the forces of good and evil changed overtime, and if so, how and why?

Themes: PEGS, International Studies, Global Awareness

1. Reminder about quotes....My advice for your quotes is to go find a meaningful quote. Don't just google any quote, find one that hits your core values and what you stand for; one you truly believe in. Remember be artistic and courageous with these and put them on poster paper/construction paper that is big enough for us to see in class.  We are going to hang these up Thursday in class. There will be prizes given out for most artistic and best quote. Be prepared to share your quote with your classmates. Please print up and complete the Quote Activity before Thursday's class period.

2. What is International Studies mean? What do you all want to study?

3. Current events - Dates you are assigned and your responsibilities.  Also, here is the current event format and the current event rubric.

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie author of Americanah, one of the New York Times 10 best sellers of 2013. How is your perception influenced by the world around you? 

1. YES, please check Google Classroom.

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