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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 89 - Tuesday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
-How did the Great Depression affect the lives of millions of Americans?-What affect did the Dust Bowl have on Americans during the Great Depression?-What was the New Deal and how did it affect the American people during the Great Depression?-What affect did the Stock Market Crash of 1929 have on the American people during the Great Depression?-What were the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), The Works Progress Administration (WPA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and how did the affect the American people during the Great Depression?-Who was Herbert Hoover and how did his leadership affect the American people during the Great Depression?-Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how did his leadership affect the American people during the Great Depression?

1. Causes of the Great Depression?

2. Pick your topic based off the class list AND my recommendations.

3. Review of the expectations of the Digital Storytelling Project and the Digital Storytelling Rubric.

4. Digital Story Sample from Youtube on the Great Depression:


1. Review Chapter 22 - The Great Depression and the themes that were picked for your Digital Storytelling Project. You should use the textbook first and then use databases and finally pick educational/credible Google searches to help you seek the truth in your investigative hunt to understand your theme and topic on the Great Depression.

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-What was Andrew Jackson's Legacy?
-Does war cause national prosperity?
-Is economic, social, or physical coercion an effective method of achieving our national interest in domestic affairs

Themes: Westward Expansion, Manifest Destiny, Expansionist Presidents, Nationalism, War with Mexico

1. Please download the Martin Van Buren to James K. Polk Presidential video questions. Remember your "Themes Packet"  You are going to need that to understand we are moving to another theme during the nineteenth century.

2. We are going to watch the History Channel's Presidential series on President Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison and John Tyler.

1. Please download the Westward Expansion packet as we are going to use it as the basic foundation for understand how the continental U.S. forms into the 48 states that make up mainland America and then read pages 234-235 and 280-287.
International Studies - Period 2 
Essential Questions:
1. What does international studies mean?

2. How will you succeed in my class?

Themes: PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. Have you added my blog to your bookmarks and signed up to get daily emails?

2. Can I see that you have downloaded and you have until Wednesday (tomorrow) to have your parent sign my course expectation sheet - International Studies - Expectations and Syllabi.

3. Let's share your meaningful quotes with our class. Presentations will take place today. You were asked to "find one that hits your core values and what you stand for; one you truly believe in. Remember be artistic and courageous with these and put them on poster paper/construction paper that is big enough for us to see in class."Quote Activity

4. Let's continue our search for what you guys want to study under "International Studies"? Also, let's review and discuss "What is International Studies mean?"

1. Please get your International Studies - Expectations and Syllabi sheet signed by your parents or guardians on the last page

2. Go and explore some of these International Studies links below.  Which ones do you like? Which ones will be helpful?  Which one would you use if your were doing research today on an international event or crisis?

    A. Please make sure you copy and paste into your electronic notebook or bookmark on your IPAD/google docs/Evernote so that you can preserve these for later research and projects.

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