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Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 83 - Friday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
-How did a war fought to "save the world for democracy" end up threatening civil rights in America?
-What happens when individuals’ civil liberties are breached?
-Was the decade of the 1920's a decade of innovation or conservatism?

1.Essays will be collected today on the 1920's and graded and any homework you owe me will be due today as well.

2.  Let's look at your Primary Sources and sentences that you finished last night to address the following important questions on the Harlem Renaissance impact on society and African Americans.
  • How might the art, music, and literature created during the Harlem Renaissance be targeted at two audiences? (Art promoted a sense of unity of experience within the African American community and among whites an awareness of the the issues impacting African Americans.
  • How do the artistic works of the Harlem Renaissance promote unity and consciousness within the African American community?
  • How might the consciousness caused by the art and literature of the Harlem renaissance help address the post-war racial climate? 

3. Finally, today we will focus on the Winners and Losers of the decade and have all students be able to debate and discuss the following key questions regarding the decade of the 1920's:
-Why was it called the "Roaring Twenties"? 
-Was the decade of the 1920's a decade of innovation or conservationism?
-Did the role of women in American life significantly change during the 1920's?
-Should the United States limit immigration?
-Should the United States have enacted Prohibition?
-Did farmers shoot themselves in the foot during the 1920's?
-How did arts and literature reflect the African-American experience?

Resources to help guide us and give the class visual appeal:
3. The United States in the 1920's
1920’s unit review for essential questions and major fun themes from Terryl Meador

4. Mitchell Palmer "The Case Against the Reds" - Read and analyze why the Bolsheviks were a concern for Americans?

5. Red Scare Packet and Visual DBQ's - DBQ questions on visuals from the Red Scare...we will complete a few in class and for homework.

6. GREAT Digital Website on the Red Scare - Incredible Primary Source Images from the Red Scare - A great gallery walk exercise for high school students!

7. The Red Scare, Palmer Raids and Sacco and Vanzetti Case - Slideshow and Primary Sources from Sanger Unified - Very good overview of the Red Scare and terrific visuals!

8. Emma Goldman resources - Why did we deport this Russian immigrant?

1. Study and review the U.S. History II - CPI - Midterm Review Guide.  Please know that your midterm exam day is - Period 1 - Tuesday, January 21st - 9:00am - 10:45am. 

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-Is a strong federal system the most effective government for the United States? Which level of government, federal or state, can best solve our nation's problems? 
-To what extend was Andrew Jackson truly "a common man"?
-Should the United States have allowed Native Americans to retain their tribal identities?
-Was the "Age of Jackson" an age of democracy?

Themes: State Rights vs. National Government, Andrew Jackson's Controversial Presidency, Indian Removal Act of 1830, The Cherokee Nation, South Carolina Nullification Crisis

1. Today is your Binder Check day and U.S. I - Midterm Exam REVIEW GUIDE.

1.  U.S. I - Midterm Exam REVIEW GUIDE

International Studies - Period 3 
Essential Questions:
1. How do we think about POWER in the 21st Century?

2. How do we define our interest as a country?

3. What is National Security?

Themes Taliban Operations, Middle East Foreign Policy, Global cooperation/Global Diplomacy, Soft Power, Hard Power, Afghanistan War, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda Operations, National Security

1. Your National Security and Modern Terrorism projects were due yesterday and today we will continue with the presentations.  You should email to me as a PDF so that there are NO changes made beyond today and that I can post them on my blog.

2. During the presentations you should show expertise by making great connections to why your region, regional leaders, policies, rebel groups, societal problems, and more are a direct threat to the safety of U.S. citizens and is a National Security Threat to the United States as a country. Your projects should be 15 minutes minimum and 25 minutes maximum in length!  Your projects are DUE on Wednesday, January 15th - Today!!!

3. Order of the Projects: 
Wednesday = Eastern Europe - Mohamed and Kayla - Done
Thursday = Latin America - Allie, Val, Meghan - 3/4 Done
Thursday = East Asia - Joe and Tom - Today
Friday = Africa - Michael and Matt - Today
Friday = The Middle East - Nicole and Rachel - Mid-term Exam 

Exam Day - Wednesday - January 22nd from 9:15am-10:45am.  All makeups and any presentations we do not finish will be on Exam Day. 

3. The National Security and Modern Terrorism project breakdown look like this:
A. 4th quarter grade (30% will be your preparation, analysis, and final project submission)
B. FINAL EXAM GRADE (20% = Final Product and Presentation completed before or during your exam period for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 25 minutes).

1. Please prepare to present your projects.  Please know that your Mid-Term Exam Day is Wednesday, January 22nd from 9:15am-10:45am.  All makeups and any presentations we do not finish will be on Exam Day.

2. ALL PRESENTATIONS MUST BE SHARED and finalized with NO REVISIONS on Wednesday, January 15th. Case Studies can be reviewed, BUT NOT CHANGED for your project after 3rd Period on Wednesday.  I wanted to see you making sense of the research, having meaningful connections to the essential question and how you illustrate expertise of your region for your final project.

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