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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 77 - Thursday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
-Should the United States fight wars to make the world safe for democracy?
-Was the treaty of Versailles a fair and settlement for lasting world peace?
-How did a war to "save the world for democracy" end up threatening civil rights in America?
-What happens when individuals’ civil liberties are breached?

1. Please complete the review of the American propaganda during World War One using the World War I American Propaganda Posters, pick ONE, and then complete the World War I Poster Analysis based on our discussion yesterday from American Propaganda - Who, What, Why? Then write a ONE PARAGRAPH deciding if the American Government was justified in manipulated the minds of Americans during World War I? You need to be convincing and specific in details. 

2. Please read and review the link below on "Attacks on Civil Liberties Increase during World War I"
-Anti-immigrant hysteria
-Espionage and Sedition Acts
-What do you think about the poster below?

3. Great Migration - Tell me who, what, where, and why?

4. Read and review the website on the link on Influenza: What impact did it have on Americans? Please watch the movie below to help you understand its impact.

5. Please review the resources below and answer the question: "Why didn't the Treaty of Versailles lay the foundation for a lasting peace in the world?"
Treaty of Versailles Political Cartoon Activity
Treaty of Versailles Slideshow
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Video

6. The United States in the 1920's
1. Please complete the first 2 DBQ's on the Red Scare Packet and Visual DBQ's packet.

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-Does state or federal government have a greater impact in our lives?
-Is a strong federal system the most effective government for the United States? Which level of government, federal or state, can best solve our nation's problems? 
-Was George Washington a good president?

Themes: State Rights vs. National Government, Strict Interpretation vs. Loose Interpretation, George Washington and his Cabinet,

1. Today we need to plan for the Trial of Andrew Jackson.

A. Organize yourselves into The PROSECUTION TEAM or The DEFENSE TEAM - You should be split 50/50 meaning if there are 14 students in class, there should be 7 on each side.

B. You should organize the smaller groups into LAWYERS and WITNESSES.

C. You should email me these things in ONE CLASS EMAIL TODAY BEFORE CLASS ENDS.

D. Honor's Level here is your Andrew Jackson Trial that you will be completing on Andrew Jackson, so please review the 3 CHARGES and get ready to have a trial by Monday of next week.

E. College Prep Level - Period 6 - You will have a different version of Andrew Jackson's Trial, but nevertheless you will need to put him on trial for ONE crime.  I have also emailed each of you the Andrew Jackson Trial folder.

1. Please read and prepare for the Trial of Andrew Jackson using the links above under your Andrew Jackson Trial and the folders I have shared with you via email. College Prep and Honor's Level have different versions, so please look at WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING ANDREW JACKSON ON TRIAL FOR!

2. Also, please begin to utilize the Google Doc folders I have emailed you by inputting your names on what team you will be on - either Defense of Andrew Jackson or Prosecution of Andrew Jackson.

International Studies - Period 3 
Essential Questions:
1. How do we think about POWER in the 21st Century?

2. How do we define our interest as a country?

3. What is National Security?

Themes Taliban Operations, Middle East Foreign Policy, Global cooperation/Global Diplomacy, Soft Power, Hard Power, Afghanistan War, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda Operations, National Security

1. We are in the the Library for the remainder of the week and up to next Tuesday for you to COMPLETE your research and presentation of your region and why it is a National Security Threat to the United States.

2. Please complete the tasks on your project on National Security and Modern Terrorism. You need to be certain about what the project means to your 4th quarter grade (30% will be your preparation, analysis, and final project submission) and then your FINAL EXAM GRADE (20% = Final Product and Presentation completed before or during your exam period) So please pick a partner, discuss a plan of how you want to attack this project, and how you will manage your time wisely  We will ultimately have 6 groups in total that cover different regions of the world.

Resources for this project to get you started...
A MUST READ ON TERRORISM TODAY - Council of Foreign Relations
Major Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11
The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism - A PBS Special
A list of Terrorist Groups according to many World Powers
Major Terrorist Attacks in Israeli
The Root Causes of Terrorism in the Middle East - US State Dept Report
Map of Terrorist Attacks and a World-wide List
Charts, Graphs, Data and a darn good article on Terrorism
U.S. Department of State - Counter-terrorism Page

Please watch these 2 TED Talk videos below...

A. This one is on "Global Security"

 B. An AMAZING VIDEO below on TERRORISM AND WOMEN - Honestly guys, it's a MUST-SEE and will keep your attention the whole time.

Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Resources -

National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) -

The Long War Journal -

National Security Agency (NSA) -

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) -

Council on Foreign Relations -

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) -




The Washington Times - Security Page -

A ridiculously good National Government website - check out all the tabs at the top that give you so many different issues going on in our world today -

Department of Homeland Security -

New America Foundation -

A incredible collection of World Affairs and Resource page - A must see international studies guys!!! -

The Journal of International Affairs -

Videos -
A must see!!! A collection of different International Affairs and Defense policies from MIT -

This is long, but helpful! -

1. Share and UPDATE your Google Document (with me at that illustrates you have began an outlined plan of attack for your project.  I want to see measurable goals, research, you making sense of the research and how it will be used in our final project, and finally dates in which you will complete specific aspects of your final project. I will be checking this DAILY!

2. Please complete the Class Google Document on the 3 countries you will educate us on that will most likely trigger World War II in your region. 

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