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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 67 - Thursday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:

-Was American expansion overseas justified?
-Did the press cause the Spanish-American War?
-Was the acquisition of the Panama Canal Zone and act of justifiable imperialism?
-Does the need for self-defense give the US the right to interfere in the affairs of Latin America? (Think about the Roosevelt Corollary, "Dollar Diplomacy," and "Watchful Waiting")

1.  Test today on Chapter 18 - America Claims an Empire.  If you miss today's class, you must take your test on the very next day you come back to class.

1. Please read Chapter 19 - Section 1 - World War I begins - pages 578-585. Please OUTLINE the following:

Major Causes and how?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand's role?
Where and how does the fighting start?
What does the fighting look like?
America's stance on the war? Why?
How does war hit home?
U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-Does state or federal government have a greater impact in our lives?
-Is a strong federal system the most effective government for the United States? Which level of government, federal or state, can best solve our nation's problems? 
-Was George Washington a good president?

Themes: State Rights vs. National Government, Strict Interpretation vs. Loose Interpretation, George Washington and his Cabinet,

1. Test today on the first 3 United States Presidents. Period 6 you may use one 3x5 notecard for this test.

 Thomas Jefferson Packet.
 Thomas Jefferson Presidential Video
Crash Course with John Green: Thomas Jefferson and His Democracy - Great resource and funny perspective on President Jefferson.

TJ Resources: 
TJ and
TJ and a biography/video of his life
University of Virginia's Miller Center - TJ as President
Criticisms of TJ as President of the USA
The Dark Side of TJ: The Smithsonian Online

1. Please read Chapter 6 - Section 4 - The War of 1812 - pages 202-205.
A. 3 things you discovered?
B. 2 things you found interesting?
C. 1 question you still have?

2. Please download the James Madison Packet.

International Studies - Period 3 
Essential Questions:
1. How do we think about POWER in the 21st Century?

2. How do we define our interest as a country?

3. What is "hard power" and "soft power" capability and how does it impact foreign policy?

4. How is power distributed?

Themes Taliban Operations, Middle East Foreign Policy, Global cooperation/Global Diplomacy, Soft Power, Hard Power, Afghanistan War, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda Operations

1.  We will think and address the following questions from the PBS documentary titled "Obama's War": PBS Frontline Special: Who are the Taliban?

Obama's War Questions
1. Are we winning or losing this war?

2. Can this war be won?

3. Is there a competition for hearts and minds? If so, who is winning the hearts and minds of Afghans? Who is winning the hearts and minds of Americans?

4. What progress have we made in Afghanistan? What progress have we made in Pakistan?

5. What is President Obama's new strategy for this war?

6. Does the film "Obama's War have an agenda? What perspective and tone does it give to Americans? Cite specific evidence.

7. Should we be in Afghanistan longer, or should we have left sooner, or are we leaving at the the exact right time?
End of Questions

2. For Activity 2 we will read the U.S. News and World Report: "Bring on the Zero Option" and evaluate the current situation in Afghanistan from the Summer of 2013.

1. Please download The Road to 9/11 Study Guide and Critical Thinking Questions

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