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Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 24 - Friday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:

-Were railroads and banks doing what was best for America in the late 19th century?
-Has rapid industrial development been a blessing or a curse for Americans?
-Were big business leaders "captains of industry" or "robber barons?"

1. The Panic of 1873 - How and Why?
The Panic of 1873
The Gilded Age and the Panic of 1873
Intellectual work on the Panic of 1873
Primary and Secondary Images of the Panic of 1873

2. The Chinese Immigration DBQ will be shared in partners looking at Step 1 - The Timeline, and then Documents A & B.  Students will complete Documents C & D for homework over the weekend.
1. Chinese Immigration DBQ. Please complete Step 2 - by reading and highlighting Documents C and D and fill out the graphic organizer asking the question "Why did many white Americans support the Chinese Exclusion Act?"

U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-How do you think like an Historian?
-Were the colonists justified in resisting British policies after the French and Indian War?
-Was the American War for Independence inevitable?
-Would you have been a revolutionary in 1776? 

Themes: Mercantilism, Independence, Revolutions

1. Students will answer the following essential question: What are the major ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence?

2. All students finish sharing their major ideas from reading, analyzing, drawing logical conclusions, and written summaries from yesterday. We used the Declaration of Independence transcript and the document sheets below.  For the first 10 minutes of class I would like you all to continue moving your jigsaw groups and share your major ideas from the document sheets below.  The goal is that you are "thinking like an Historian" and "teaching like an Historian"

Here is one helpful source on the Grievances the Colonist agreed upon in the DOI.

Group A. Organizer #1 -
Group B. Organizer #2
Group C. Organizer #3
Group D. Organizer #4

3. We are going to go even further in the purpose behind the Declaration of Independence answering the question: Why did the Founding Fathers write the Declaration of Independence?
-We will analyze 2 different Historians perspectives
-Do you think the Declaration of Independence was written for selfish or ideological (concern with ideas) reasons?
-Do you think the grievances would give people reason to go to war and possibly die? Why or why not?

4. Resources/Handouts:
-Causes of the American Revolution slideshow
A Timeline and Key Terms
-Major American Petitions for Independence
-Interesting facts about the Declaration of Independence
-Declaration of Independence short movie

1. Finish pages 1 & 2 on the Historians interpretations of the Declaration of Independence as a motivated or selfish cause. Please do NOT WORRY about Pages 3 & 4 on the Grievances questions as we will complete them in class on Monday.

2. You guys are going to want to go to war with me, but I have delayed your test to Tuesday.  Please organize all of your notes on the Causes of the American Revolution because you will have a TEST on TUESDAY on Chapter 4 - Sections 1 & 2 - pages 94-112. A binder check will also happen.

3. Here is your study guide for Chapter 4 - Sections 1 & 2

International Studies - Period 3 
Essential Questions:
1. Is peace sustainable?

2. What are Human Rights?
3. Can the United Nations enforce international policy of human rights?

Themes Global Awareness, Global cooperation, United Nations, Human Rights

1. One and a half groups need to complete their mini-presentations to their classmates on the current Peacekeeping Operations - Where and Why? Effectiveness? Don't be afraid to review the Peacekeeping Website to explore and understand what Peacekeepers do on a regular basis and some of the "inside the numbers" look at their operations. Here is the main website for the UN Peacekeeping

2. Test on the United Nations will be taken today.

3. United Nation Resources:
United Nations History
United Nations Multimedia Room

1. Get your College search wrapped up and take care of college admission processes!

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