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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 162 - Tuesday

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 2 & 7: 
Essential Questions:
-Why did the Election of Abraham Lincoln trigger the Civil War?
-Does war cause national prosperity?
-Who were the heroes and the losers of the American Civil War?
-What military lessons can we learn from the fighting in the American Civil War?
-How and why did President Lincoln's position on slavery, race, and emancipation change over time?
-Was the American Civil War worth it's costs? 

Themes: The Election of 1860, State Rights vs. Federal Government, Abraham Lincoln's Dilemma, Secession, Anaconda Plan, The Confederate Army of the United States vs. The Union Army, Key Battles/Turning Points

1. We will take a look at Google Classroom and what is due on MONDAY, JUNE 5th before class of after next week - Gallery Walk Activity on Theaters of War

2. We will continue learning about the early stages of the American Civil War, so please DOWNLOAD the Civil War Slideshow - and then review slides #1 - 15.  Additionally, we will review the Review Guide and The American Civil War Battles Sheet  as I utilize the Civil War Slideshow
1. YES, check Google Classroom!

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 3:
Essential Questions:
-Who is responsible for starting the Cold War?
-Why didn't the Cold War ever turn "hot"?
-How did the Cold War challenge American values, at home and abroad?
-Is the Cold War still going on? How?
-Why was the Vietnam War so divisive? 
-Why is the 1960's such a violent decade?
-Why was the Vietnam War so divisive?

Themes: The Vietnam War beginning, President Kennedy's legacy and assassination

1. We will finish up your early review of the The Vietnam War using the photographs from The Vietnam War, Part I: The Early Years and Escalation by Alan Taylor and the 46 photographs
-Who's perspective are the photographs from? How do you know this?
-Pick ONE photograph and tell me in your own words how it represents "The Vietnam Conflict"?
-What is the MAIN IDEA of this article by The Atlantic?
-What other ways could Americans have changed the course of the The Vietnam Conflict?
-Would you recommend this article? Why? Why not?

2. With a partner please review the Vietnam Slideshow, with a focus on 1956-1975 years of engagement. Additionally, we will examine and discuss why the Summer of 1965 is a turning point in the Vietnam War AND what were America's Options? Finally, we will partner read The Vietnam War Overview 1964 - 1968 and encourage dialogue regarding the LBJ escalation of US forces in Vietnam. After viewing all of these resources on the Vietnam War - Please describe at least 3 game-changing moments from an American Point of View and provide evidence and support as to why these game-changing moments were turning points during the Vietnam War and post to Google Classroom.

4. Cold War Resources:
The Cold War in the 1960's 
The Cold War in the 1970's
The Cold War in the 1980's
Cold War Slideshow #2  1950's and 1960's
The Cold War Museum
All sorts of Cold War resource - videos, primary sources, etc 
The Miller Center - University of Virginia - Cold War Era - Lots of Primary Sources
Timeline of the Cold War

5. American home front Resources:
The 1960's Overview
America in the 1960's 
The 1960's Decade
Pop Culture of the 1960's 
American journalism in the 1960's

The 1970's: A decade preview
America in the 1970's 
The 1970's Decade
Pop Culture of the 1970's
American journalism in the 1970's

America in the 1980's
The 1980's Decade
Pop Culture of the 1980's
American journalism in the 1980's

1. Yes, check Google Classroom. 

International Studies - Period 4
Essential Questions:
1. Does the world need NATO? Why or why not?
2.  Does NATO have a new role in the order of international relations in Europe and the World in the 21st Century?
3. Was NATO just or unjust in participating and executing their mission in your post-Cold War scenario?
4. Why do states/countries follow the rules and principles of international law most of the time?
5. What does "hard power" and "soft power" capability and how does it impact foreign policy?

Themes: International Policy, NATO Missions

1. We will look at your Olympic and World Class Cities project for your final exam.  

1. Yes, check Google Classroom

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