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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 98 - Wednesday

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 2 & 7: 
Essential Questions:
-How revolutionary was the Market Revolution in the early 19th Century in American History?
-Why was Industrialization so complex and yet dynamic?

Themes: Market Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, Industrialization, Transportation Revolution, Immigration Boom, Urbanization

1.  Francis Cabot Lowell Video - What was most significant about the Lowell Cotton Mills in New England?
1. YES, check Google Classroom!

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 3:
Essential Questions:
-Did the United States foreign policy during the 1930's help promote World War II? 
-Could the United States have prevented the outbreak of World War II?
-Should the United States sell arms to other nations?
-Should the United States have aided the Allies against the Axis Powers?
-Does the American security depend upon the survival of its Allies?
-Was war between the United States and Japan inevitable in World War II?

Themes: American Isolationism, WWII Propaganda, Pearl Harbor

1. Please quickly review slides #50-55 on Pearl Harbor on America in World War II Slideshare.  Take any notes, make observations, and ask any questions you wish.

2. Which source below was the most helpful and interesting of the group? Which primary sources do YOU want to talk about from below?
Headline News - Washington Post
Newspaper Headlines from All Around the World - Pearl Harbor Attack Response
PBS News - 75 Years Later and Pearl Harbor Reaction - Dec. 7, 2016
Eye Witness Accounts of People's Reactions

3. On Wednesday we will begin to watch the Pearl Harbor documentary in color called "Tora, Tora, Tora" (You should get AT LEAST the first 15 minute done for homework EACH NIGHT on Wednesday and Thursday and we will finish in class on Friday) Then write a reaction to the following questions in the form of an 1 paragraph essay (10 sentences minimum and post in Google Classroom so that everyone can see your response - SO PROOFREAD IT PLEASE!): 

A. What is the most shocking thing you saw on this documentary?  
B. Which eye-witness account/primary source did you see as most historical accurate? Why?
C. Who do you think is most responsible for what went wrong in the Pearl Harbor attacks?
D. How would you rate this documentary as a historical source? Please explain.

4. World War II Resources:
Causes of World War II - already covered on Friday
-Early Phases of the War - Europeans, Americans, and 1939-1941.
-World War II Leaders - The basics
-WWII Leaders - Aggressors, Defenders, Victims, etc - A MUST SEE!!!
-Fascism versue Communism
-Maps of World War II
America in World War II Slideshare
The Atlantic Charter
American Army in World War II - A US Military Army collective and brief history 
U.S. Home-front During World War II
The National WWII museum - lots of images, primary sources, outline of WWII, and WWII by the numbers!
Library of Congress - World War II Primary Sources
American Women in World War II
America's WWII in Color - PBS special
Summary of WWII

1. Yes, check Google Classroom. 

International Studies - Period 4
Essential Questions:
1. Have the forces of good and evil changed overtime, and if so, how and why?
2. How do we think about POWER in the 21st Century?
3. What is National Security? 
4. How should we deal with extremist?
5. How does terrorism differ from planned acts of military aggression?
6. Is the United States and it's global alliances winning or losing the War on Terrorism? 

Themes: Human Rights, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Fatwa,  Jihad

1. Definitions of Terrorism - What is Terrorism? Do all of these definitions say the same thing? If so or if not, then why?

2. We will continue to investigate The Evolution of Terrorism - Choices Program from Brown University. Also, Al Qaeda and 9/11 - How are they related and why?

3. U.S. News and World Report: Afghanistan or ISIS? Has American Foreign Policy Shifted it's concern from Afghanistan to Syria?

4. Terrorism Resources:
Visuals on the History of Terrorism
-Read American Public Radio's article "Why Are They So Angry with Us?"  - We will do on Tuesday (Please create a Two- Column Note illustrating the Main Ideas/Arguments and those details/development that support them).
-The Middle East and the West, National Public Radio, 5-part series, December 2015

1. Yes, check Google Classroom!

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