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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 42 - Thursday

U.S. History I - Periods 1, 2 & 7: 
Essential Questions:
-When is revolutionary change justified?
-Was the American War for Independence inevitable?
-Would you have been a revolutionary in 1776? 

Themes: Battles of the American Revolution, Turning Points, Key Generals

1. Today is your last day in the library to complete your research on your MAJOR PROJECT on the American Revolution Battles.  Let me know if you have any questions on the Tasks, Rubrics or Chicago-Style Citations.

2. ALL PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE in GOOGLE CLASSROOM and our class folders for the Revolutionary Battles Project.

1. Yes, look at Google Classroom.

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 3:
Essential Questions:
-What is the heart and soul of American innovation?
-To what extend were the developments of the Ford Model T and Airplanes engines for 
economic growth and national unity in the 20th Century?
-Make a prediction, what will be the engine of economic growth and national unity in the 21st Century?

Themes: American Exceptionalism, Innovation, Industrial Revolution, Flight in Kitty Hawk, NC, Automobiles in Detroit, MI

1. We will finish our study of American innovation that lead to revolutionary ideas in industry and the stable of America. In partners you will examine an article on either Flight or Automobiles and create a Top-Down Web looking at the Then (History of) and Now (Impact of) these modes of transportation and innovation in the early 20th and the 21st Century.

2. Innovation resources:
The Wright Brothers National Park in Kitty Hawk, NC
First Flight - The Wright Brothers Primary Source
Inventing a Flying Machine - The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
The Ford Model T - America on the Move - National Museum of American History
Ford Company Timeline -
Motor City "The Story of Detroit" - Gilder Lehrman Site

3. The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Why is this "the spark" of the war? We will investigate and discuss the major causes of WWI.

4. Geography, Maps, and Trench Warfare
World War I Maps and early Battles
WWI Life in the Trenches Trench Warfare and video footage

1.  Yes, check Google Classroom.

International Studies - Period 4
Essential Questions:
1. Does the world need the United Nations? Why or why not?
2. Is the world safer today with the United Nations than it was in 1945?
3. Is the United Nations an effective peace-keeping organization?

Rwanda Genocide Essential Questions:
1. How did individuals fail to provide Human Rights and prevent the slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans? 
2 Who do you hold most responsible for the Rwandan Genocide? Why
3. How does a society recover from a genocide and how can Rwanda improve it's human rights campaign?

Themes: Humanitarianism, United Nations, International Law, International Criminal Court, ICJ

1. Please check out the updated Current Event List.  Rolanda and Chris need to know your topics so PLEASE fill out the Current Event List and this is the last warning please!!!

2. We will review the Genocide DBQ as a large-class discussion and were there any challenges? What did you like or dislike about these documents?   What is Genocide? Please post to Google Classroom if you did it electronically by Thursday evening before midnight.

3. On Thursday, we will begin watching Ghost of Rwanda.  Below are some links about the Frontline documentary on Ghost of Rwanda.  Please relate it to our Genocide discussion  and Peacekeeping responsibilities from our study of the United Nations.
-Student Film Worksheet while watching the movie
-Frontline Special - "Ghost of Rwanda"
-Link to the documentary - IF YOU ARE ABSENT PLEASE WATCH!

4. Pyramid of Hate:

1. Yes, please check out Google Classroom. Additionally, please review and let me know if you have any questions on the updated Current Events format and Current Event Rubric, which both should guide your lesson on Current Events. 

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