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Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 145 - Monday

U.S. History I - Periods 2, 5, and 6: 
Essential Question:
-Does state or federal government have a greater impact in our lives?
-How has American's justified Manifest Destiny?
-Why did Americans feel so compelled to expand the country westward?
-How might the country have developed differently if no gold or other precious minerals had been discovered in the West?
-Does war cause national prosperity?
-Is economic, social, or physical coercion an effective method of achieving our national interest in domestic affairs

Themes:  Slavery, Causes of the American Civil War

1. REVISED Thesis Statements should be shared on the spreadsheet and today is the final day for all final revisions!

2. The Antebellum South Slideshow will be examined today and then we will discuss the the Nat Turner Primary Sources as evidence to answer the question; Was Nat Turner a madman or a hero?
Nat Turner Timeline
Nat Turner Questions

3.  Chapter 10 - The Union in Peril - Pages 302-309.  We will compare and contrast student outlines in groups of 4 and have students make suggestions. Students will evaluate everyone's top-down webs and then SHARE ONE TOP-DOWN WEB with the entire class highlighting the qualities that make it an excellent top-down web.
Top-Down Web into 3 Major Categories:
A. Differences between the North and South - Create a compare and contrast flow chart to illustrate the differences on your top-down web.

B. Slavery in Territories - highlights should include the cause-effect relationship of the Wilmot Proviso and California Statehood.

C. The Senate Debates - Fugitive Slave Act, Clay's Compromise of 1850 (terms), California, Popular Sovereignty, Calhoun Goals/Webster's Goals, response to the compromise, Stephen Douglas and Millard Filmore's views on slavery.

4. We will look at quick look a who's in and who's out and what primaries have played an important role over the last week. Let's evaluate the results and the upcoming primaries.
1. Please work to complete your Bibliography of 5 sources, with Chicago-Style Citations, and at least three illustrations that display quality evidence to support your thesis statements. 

U.S. HISTORY II - Period 1:

Essential Questions:
-Who is responsible for starting the Cold War?
-Why didn't the Cold War ever turn "hot"?
-How did the Cold War challenge American values, at home and abroad?
-Is the Cold War still going on? How?

Themes: Failed Conferences, The Iron Curtain, Containment, Containment, Domino Theory, The Domestic Cold War, House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), Blacklist, Alger Hiss, The Rosenbergs

1. Reminder that the REVISED THESIS STATEMENTS are due by THIS FRIDAY, MAY 6TH  BEFORE class.

2. PLEASE review student responses on the HUAC Primary Sources, and then respond to at least ONE student regarding their opinion or argument regarding the effectiveness of HUAC during American History in the 1950's.

3. Cold War Slideshow #1 1945-1960 - The American home front will be explored post-WWII &
   The Cold War Slideshow - Start at Slide #25

4. Please review the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) Primary Sources
-If you have not watched the film on the The Red Scare and HUAC then please do so.


5. AndThe Hollywood Ten movie below:

6.  Let's examine your responses from the HUAC Primary Sources, and the two films on HUAC and Hollywood Ten, please write a 8-12 sentence RESPONSE on Google Classroom. Your response should illustrate a strong thesis statement, clear and strong opinions, and gives your genuine reflection on HUAC's effectiveness on American civilians and the home front.
8. Cold War Resources:
Cold War Slideshow #1 1945-1960 - The American home front will be explored post-WWII.
The Cold War Slideshow
The United Nations
The Cold War Museum
All sort of Cold War resource - videos, primary sources, etc 
The Miller Center - University of Virginia - Cold War Era - Lots of Primary Sources
Timeline of the Cold War

1.  You have tonight to prepare for your Silent Conversation on Tuesday - Using the Joseph McCarthy DBQ please finish reviewing and answering questions documents #7-11 and annotate them with your thoughts, perspectives, and anything that may help you answer the Debate Question at the top of the DBQ.  We will have a Silent Conversation Debate on Tuesday. Parnters are POSTED on Google Classroom!

International Studies - Period 7
Essential Questions:
1. Is globalization a path to a brighter future?
2. Has globalization made human beings more isolated or integrated in the global society?

Themes:  Globalization, sustainability, Race to the Top, Race to the Bottom, global equability, interconnected communities, global marketplace

1. Round 2 Winners who will be moving on to the FINALS...CONGRATS!
 - Global Economy
- Medicine/Healthcare OR Human Settlement
- NGO's and Humanitarianism 

2. You should be preparing for your H2H CHAMPIONSHIPS ROUND MATCH-UPS for the Debate on Globalization Topics so be sure to start designing questions and posting them on the Google Doc here. You have until Monday at 5:00 pm to post questions for the finalist to address in their Final Debate on Tuesday (Tomorrow).  Finalist will NOT have to post questions, just the audience member who have been eliminated, BUT BE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME next to the question you post. Mr. Parkin's question is "Which globalization crisis will be the most important crisis in 2050 for our World?"

3. Here is Monday's last debate before Tuesday's Championships:

A. Medicine and Healthcare (Olivia) versus Human Settlement (Shane) needs to finish ROUND 2! 

4. Globalization resources:
Globalization 101
Issues in Globalization
Global Policy Organization - Many issues and specific areas of globalization of culture, politics, economy, law, and table/charts on Globalization.
World Health Organization and Globalization

1. Please prepare for the Head to Head CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 3 Debates, specifically Global Economy VERSUS NGO's and Humanitarianism VERSUS Medicine/Healthcare OR Human Settlement.  I passed out the hard copy version of the debates and the electronic version is in the Globalization Project Folder so all teams still in it should prepare for the H2H for Round 2. 

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