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Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 174 - Monday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
-Were the 1950's a time period of great peace, progress, and prosperity for Americans?
-Did the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's-1960's expand democracy for all Americans?
-Is "Civil Disobedience" the most effective means to achieve racial equality?
-Is violence or non-violence the most effective method to achieve change in a society?

Themes: Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement, Challenging Segregation, MLK Jr., Civil Disobedience, Black Power/Black Panters 

1. The Civil Rights Movement + Textbook pages 904-932
Telling America's Story through photography
The Civil Rights Slideshare
Music and the Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights in the 1950's 
Civil Rights in the 1960's 

1. Please read and check out Chapter 32 - "An Age of Limits" - pages 998-1032 - Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.
Question: What did each of these Presidents contribute and how did their actions impact America?
U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:
-Has rapid industrial development been a blessing or a curse for Americans?
-Should businesses be regulated closely by the government?
-Can workers attain economic justice without violence?
-Has immigration been the key to American success?
-Were the Progressives successful in making government more responsive to the will of the people?

 Themes:  Industrialist/Capitalist, Labor Unions, The Great Strikes of the late 1800's-early 1900's, Immigrants, The Progressives, Urbanization

1. Immigration and Urbanization
A. Group 1 - will go and explore the Interactive Tour of Ellis Island.  What did you find that was interesting or unusual? What did you like or dislike? What did you learn about immigration? Is this a credible source, why or why not? Be ready to present your findings and interest to your classmates.

B. Group 2 - will go and explore the Immigration Data by decade, region, and by 50-year periods. Your job is to study the numbers and charts to learn more about the history of immigration. You must answer any 4 questions on the Immigration Questions.

2. Immigration and Urbanization Resources
American Cities in the late 19th Century Slideshow
Ellis Island Immigration Video
Ellis Island's Virtual Field Trip
Progressive Era
City Life in the late 19th Century
Industrialization and Urbanization Overview - Terrific graphs and info
Urbanization during the Progressive Era
Urbanization/Immigration Outline
Urbanization and Immigration Slideshow
Chicago "The City of the Century" - A PBS special
Urbanization in American - Effects and Problems

3. America - The Story of US - "Growth of Cities"

1. Please read Chapter 17 - The Progressive Era pages 510-543 and answer the questions below:
A. What are the 4 goals of Progressives?
B. Who are the Progressives?
C. What impact did Progressives have on American Society?

2. Watch the Story of US "Growth of Cities" above.
International Studies - Period 2 

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