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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 171 - Wednesday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
-Why didn't the Cold War ever turn "hot"?
-How did the Cold War challenge American values, at home and abroad?
-Is the Cold War still going on? How?
-Did American Presidents have good reason to fight the Vietnam War?
-Can domestic protest affect the outcome of war?
-Did the War in Vietnam bring domestic revolution to the United States?

Themes: Introduction to the Vietnam War

1. We will quickly review slides #34-56 on the Vietnam Slideshow and textbook pages 944-967.

2. Perspectives of MLK Jr. and John Kerry in Anti-Vietnam Movement Activity and "Why did 1968 change Americans attitudes and the course of the war? Also, how did Phase 3 (1968 and beyond go?) in the Vietnam War based on pages #1-9 on the The Vietnam War 1965-1975 - America's Ordeal and the 12 questions on the Study Guide - Part II - 1965-1975.

3. Vietnam Resources:
Music from Vietnam Era
Vietnam Slideshow
PBS - The Vietnam Battlefield
Digital History - The Vietnam Overview
Geneva Conference - Vietnamese and American Perspectives
Vietnam Political Cartoon Analysis
What were America's options in Vietnam
The Vietnam War 1965-1975 - America's Ordeal
Anti-Vietnam Movement Activity

4. The Civil Rights Movement
Telling America's Story through photography
The Civil Rights Slideshare
Music and the Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights in the 1950's 
Civil Rights in the 1960's 

1. Please read and check out Chapter 29 - "Taking on Segregation"  - The start of the Civil Rights Movement - pages 906 - 913.   Please outline the following concepts with 4-5 bullet points that tell a story and the impact of these themes during the 1950's:
I. The Segregation System 
II. Brown vs. Board of Education
III. Little Rock
IV. Montgomery Bus Boycott and the South
V. MLK Jr. and the SCLC
U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:
-Has rapid industrial development been a blessing or a curse for Americans?
-Were big business leaders "captains of industry" or "robber barons?"

 Themes: Big Business in America, Robber Barron, Industrialist/Capitalist

1. How were the Chinese perceived by American industrialist in The Chinese Immigration DBQ? What evidence do you have to suggest these perceptions? Let's review your paragraph essay under The Chinese Immigration DBQ.

2. Strikes and Labor Unions - page 2 will be the focus.

Albert Parsons - Hero or Villain?
Haymarket Affair Timeline
Haymarket Riot - History Channel
Haymarket Riot on
The Dramas of Haymarket 
Chicago Historical Society on Haymarket Riot

Pullman Strike - Ohio State University research
The Pullman Strikes - University of Virginia - A MUST SEE!!
Informative video on Pullman Strikes

1. Please read Chapter 15 - "Immigrants and Urbanization" pages 458-465.  As you read please begin to list the MAJOR THEMES of Section 1 - "The New Immigrants" Label these themes at the TOP of your outline. Your job is to create an outline from Section I - "The New Immigrants."  Your outline should NOT be a paragraph-format, but should be numbered, bullet-pointed, highlighted, bolded, and underlined words or phrases that highlight the key ideas from this section.

Your outline should break into into three parts: 1. The New Immigrants that go through the "Golden Door"(So who are the new immigrants and why do they come to America?), 2. Life in the New Land for the Immigrants (in other words, what difficulties and effects did immigrants face in America and also how did they deal with the challenges they faced?), and 3. Immigrant restrictions (what were the effects of the massive influx of immigrants to the U.S. in the late 1900's?).
International Studies - Period 2 
Essential Questions:
1. How do we think about POWER in the 21st Century?
2. What is "terrorism"?
3. How do you think the United States and other countries should work toward preventing terrorist from attacking again?

4. What do you believe is the role of the United States on an international level?
5. What do you think fuels anti-American sentiment?
6. Can the United States play a global role without fueling anti-American sentiment? If so, how?

ThemesTaliban Operations, Middle East Foreign Policy, Global cooperation/Global Diplomacy, Soft Power, Hard Power, Afghanistan War, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda Operations, National Security

1. BEST OF LUCK SENIORS on moving on from High School.  May all your hard work and dedication pay off!!

2. A reminder that it is worth 50% of your 4th Quarter Grade and Seniors need to keep an 87 average to avoid taking the final exam.  Please make sure you drop all of your outlines, working Chicago-Style Citations, and case-studies should be in the Google Folder I shared with you titled "National Security and Terrorism - Student Folder"

2. Order of the Projects:
5/16 Friday - Kylie - Western Europe - Done

5/19 Monday - Frederick - South Asia - Done

5/19 Monday/Tuesday - Joanitah - Africa - Done
5/20 Tuesday/Wednesday - Kaitlyn - Central America - Done

* Push back 5/22 Thursday - Adam - The Middle East - Done
* changed to 5/22 Thursday - Stephanie - South America - Done

*Push back 5/22 Friday - Hope - Eastern Europe - Done

* Push back 5/23 Thursday/Friday after school - Kara - East Asia - Done


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