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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 117 - Tuesday

U.S. History II  - Period 1: 
Essential Questions:
- How does volunteerism demonstrate civic responsibility?
-How did America utilize it's home-front during World War II?

1. America's Homefront during World War II - Pages 769-774

2. World War II Photography Gallery from Time Magazine:
-Please look at the perspective of the photographer and evaluate ONE PHOTOGRAPH in detail.  You should be looking for the following: What is the theme(s)?, What emotions are seen? What emotions does the photograph want from the viewer?, Why do you think it was created?, What does the document convey about life in World War II at the time it was created?, What questions does the photograph raise for you?

3. U.S. in World War II resources:
World War II Slideshow "The Road to War"
U.S. Home-front During World War II
The National WWII museum - lots of images, primary sources, outline of WWII, and WWII by the numbers!
Library of Congress - World War II Primary Sources
American Women in World War II
America's WWII in Color - PBS special
America's Homefront in World War II
World War II - Poster's on the American Homefront
World War II and America's Civil Responsibilities

1. Read pages 796-798 (stop at Discrimination and Reaction)
A. Make a T-chart and on one side have (Advances and the other Problems) What advances and problems did America endure in the Economy?

B. What effect did World War II have on women and families?

C. How did World War II cause the U.S. Population to shift?

2. (From Last Night, but because we did NOT have class today, make sure it's ready for Wednesday's Class):
Please review and read Chapter 25 - pages 770 "A Production Miracle" to the end of page 774 and answer the questions below.

A. How did American everyday companies contribute to the war effort?

B. What did Women do during the war effort? Also use American Women in World War II to help you!

C. Page 772 at the bottom - How did Hollywood help mobilize for war? How might audiences have responded to propaganda films?

D. What was the Manhattan Project? Why did President Roosevelt create the Office of Scientific Research and Development in 1941?

E. How did the U.S. government regulations IMPACT the lives of civilians?

F. What basic problems were the OPA and WPB created to solve?

2. Find a song from World War II and about WWII and bring in the hard copy and soundbite of that song.  We will explore the most popular and themes found within those songs tomorrow.
U.S. HISTORY I - Periods 4, 5, and 6:
Essential Questions:

-Does the United States have a mission in the mid-19th century? If so, was it expansion of freedom, economics, imperialism, etc? Why?

-Was Nat Turner a hero or madman?

-Which reformer played the biggest role leading up to America's Civil War?

Themes: Industrial Revolution, Transportation Revolution, Economic Revolution, Immigration, Regional Specialization, and Nationalism

1. We will finalize our review of the Antebellum South Slideshow:

2. Please read, highlight, and take notes in the margins on the document link below of the 3 sources:
 (Was Nat Turner a Hero or Madman?) + Nat Turner Timeline + Nat Turner Questions + Original Documents on Nat Turner

3. Causes of the American Civil War Packet - Pages 1 & 2.

1.  Please download the Causes of the American Civil War Packet - Complete pages 3, 4, (Map and Visual/Critical Questions) and page 5 (key terms with an understanding that these protests/resistance put slavery at the forefront of a major cause of the American Civil War. (Period 6 is due on Thursday!)
International Studies - Period 2 
Essential Questions:
1. What is peace building?
2. What is war?
3. Do UN peacekeeping forces manage to achieve their goals?
4. Does NATO have a new role in the order of international relations in Europe and the World in the 21st Century?
5. Was NATO just or unjust in participating and executing their mission in your post-Cold War scenario?
6. What does "hard power" and "soft power" capability and how does it impact foreign policy?

Themes: PEGS (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social)

1. We are presenting NATO/UN Mission Projects today.

2. Order of the Projects:

Thursday - Bosnia/Herzegovina - Frederick - Done
Thursday - Libya - Joanitah - Done
Friday - Congo - Kara and Kylie - Done
Wednesday - Haiti - Hope and Stephanie -
Wednesday - Somalia - Kaitlyn -
Thursday - Afghanistan - Max and Adam

1. What is the newest information and understandings of the Ukrainian situation? I'm looking for an update on Russia's response, Europe's response, and America's perspective. Please come ready to discuss for a few minutes tomorrow!

2. Your NATO or Peacekeeping Mission Project is should have a COMPLETE Chicago-Style Citations. Please make sure you are an EXPERT on your subject/mission and will provide an ENGAGING presentation. Provide PROOF and EVIDENCE that supports your thesis from the above question.

3. Have you used the checklist from the NATO or Peacekeeping Mission Project document.

4. Do you use VISUALS, PRIMARY SOURCES, VIDEO CLIPS to effectively ENGAGING your audience.

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